Car Wrecks

Motor vehicle collisions are a common occurrence across Louisiana and the United States.  The frequency of auto accidents is not a surprise considering automobiles are a necessity for many people and trucks are a necessity for many businesses.  According to United States government statistics, there are over 10 million auto accidents in the U.S. annually.  Most drivers and passengers will average being involved in a car wreck multiple times throughout the course of their lifetimes.-While the odds indicate most people will be in an auto accident at some point, many people do not know what to do following an accident.  This is especially true when you are the victim in an auto accident.  How to deal with the onset of injuries and physical pain, questions about what insurance will and will not accept responsibility for, what do you about your vehicle’s damage, concerns about taking care of one’s family, and concerns about missing work are all valid and immediate issues that arise after a car wreck.

Frustration often mounts in the aftermath of a motor vehicle collision.  Having a competent, reasonable, and experienced legal representative is essential for maximizing your recovery.  Rémy has assisted many clients who were injured following a vehicular collision and he works tirelessly to achieve the best possible result in each case.  If you sustained injuries in an automobile accident, call the Law Office of Rémy A. M. Jardell for a free evaluation.

Collisions Caused by 18 Wheelers/Trucking Operators

Big trucks are an essential part of transporting goods across the U.S.  Truck drivers must adhere to strict licensing requirements and there are additional laws regulating the amount of time each can be on the road each day.  Since-18 wheelers and other tractor trailers are typically the biggest vehicles on the road, there are special rules governing the operation of these vehicles.

Insurance regulations are also different for these trucks as compared to typical passenger vehicles.  An automobile accident involving an 18-wheeler is not a matter to be taken lightly considering the size of the trucks and the amount of damage they can cause.

Knowing how to properly evaluate claims involving 18-wheelers or big trucks requires specific inquiries to multiple parties who were associated with the truck and its trailer.  Additionally, knowledge of the laws and regulations governing the operation of large trucks is essential in the successful handling of an accident claim involving an 18-wheeler.

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Motorcyle Accidents

Motorcyclists have less protection in the event of an accident and this often results in more severe injuries.  If you were injured in an accident with an automobile while you were operating your motorcycle, do not assume that your legal rights are any different than those operating larger vehicles.  There is a reason that people are cautioned to “share the road” with motorcycle operators – that is motorcycle riders have the same rights on Louisiana roads as other operators.

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Cyclist & Pedestrian Accidents

Bicyclists and pedestrians are injured by automobile operators in both urban and rural settings.  Unfortunately, the injuries that result in a car/cyclist or a car/pedestrian collision are often particularly devastating.  These injuries often occur when either the cyclist or the pedestrian had the right of way.  It is important to seek legal counsel following a bicycle or pedestrian injury that was caused by another automobile because of the severity of injuries involved.

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