Attorney Profile


Lafayette, Louisiana Lawyer

Rémy Jardell maintains an office in Lafayette and works throughout Louisiana to provide his clients with effective, thorough legal representation. Rémy focuses on plaintiffs personal injury, workers’ compensation on behalf of employees who are injured on the job, and criminal defense. These areas of practice are distinct legally, but similar in one significant respect: Rémy represents individuals whose rights are jeopardized.

Personal Background

Rémy was born and raised in Baton Rouge, where he attended LSU and obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. While in school, Rémy participated in student government and worked for state and local government. During his last two summers at LSU, he worked offshore on seismic survey vessels

Following graduation, Rémy worked for an American tool and hardware manufacturing company as a national sales representative. Rémy then returned to Louisiana and attended Loyola Law School in New Orleans. After graduating in May of 2006,  Rémy earned his law license after passing the July 2006 bar exam.  Rémy practiced for a small firm in New Orleans before he and his wife decided to make Lafayette their home.

Rémy has lived in Lafayette since 2007. He began working in Lafayette as a lawyer who represented corporate and insurance interests, but in 2009 he began representing plaintiffs, injured workers, and individuals charged with crimes in state court. Rémy worked as a public defender for 6 months and obtained a greater understanding of the criminal justice system.

Presently, Rémy runs the Law Office of Rémy A. M. Jardell, located in downtown Lafayette. Rémy is available for a free consultation by appointment only. Please complete an online claim evaluation or call the office today to schedule your appointment.